October 2015 update!

– The base of the lampposts are made of aluminum and corrode very easily from dog urine.  A  lamppost fell down on Carpenter for this very reason!  Please don’t let your dogs urinate on the  lampposts!

– If you put your garbage out in just a bag, please do not set it out until Thursday morning (trash day morning since garbage is not picked up until the afternoon).  This will avoid animals getting into it and spreading garbage everywhere!  Recycling is still picked up early in the morning.

– Please attend the November 5th Board meeting.  This is the annual meeting where Board members are elected and the 2016 budget is approved.  The Warrenville Fire Marshal will also be in attendance to talk about fire prevention and the Reserve Advisor to explain our reserve study.

– We are sad to report that our property manager, Lynn McKenzie, passed away Sept. 14, 2015, at her home in Geneva. She was 72 years old.  Lynn was born Jan. 17, 1943, in Carbondale, the daughter of Clair and Esther (Cox) McKenzie. She graduated from Marion High School and went on to attend Southern Illinois University.  Lynn was a loving mother and grandmother. Lynn’s hobby was genealogy and she spent countless hours exploring her family’s history. Lynn is survived by her mother, Esther McKenzie of Marion; her son, Brett (Roberta) Beiner of Burr Ridge; daughter, Meggen (Shawn McCarthy) Mack of Geneva; grandsons, Jeremy and Jordan Mack of Geneva; sister, Mavis (David) Mcdonough of Marion; niece, Leslie (Matt) Bove of Kentfield, California; and great-nephew Luca.  Lynn is preceded in death by her father, Clair McKenzie. Interment will be at a later date in Rosehill Cemetery in Marion.


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