May 2016 Update!

– We’d like to remind all dog owners in the community of the following:
1. Dogs must be kept on-leash at all times when outside your home.  This is a city ordinance. Whether you are walking to the mailbox, or walking around the pond area, your dog must be under your control.

2. Dog waste must be picked up immediately.

3. As well as being a consideration to other homeowners, coyotes are often found roaming around the property in the summer months and pose a potential threat to unsecured dogs.

– Wood Repair: Wood repair by building will begin this spring. Buildings to be done in 2016 are 2, 4,7, 11, 19 and 26. There is budget for emergency wood repair to support new windows, etc

– Landscaping: Normal spring and summer maintenance has started from Brickman.  The irrigation system should be up and running soon.  The Landscape Committee will be meeting this month to discuss the 5 year plan and then it will be presented at the Board meeting in June.

Any questions, comments, or problems, please contact Associa Chicagoland, 847.490.3833 or