LOST DOG – Riley

*** Update *** I got this email from Riley’s owner and it’s great news:

Thank You so much for the people who helped us.  There were so many people helping that no stone was unturned!  I finally parked my car and prayed and somehow one of my dogs in the car spotted her and started barking and she came to the car!  I want to praise the people who helped and  let them know that’s what makes a community.  We love our Riley but I can’t imagine what it would be like if this was a missing child.  People that help in times like this make all the difference!  Thank You again!

A dog got loose tonight and was seen running in to our subdivision.

This is Riley. She’s black with white splashes below her neck.

Please contact (xxx) xxx xxxx if you see Riley in the area. The Warrenville Police department have also been notified and you can reach them at (630) 393 2131.

Our email address is canterahoa@gmail.com.