June 2016 Update

– We are in need of two Board members and Property and Landscape Committee members. Help out your community and meet some great people!

– Groot trash and recycling bins will be distributed during this month, stay tuned for details.

– We hope to see you at the next board meeting, June 16 th !

– Landscape Update: A total of 30 Trees were removed throughout the community to allow for better sun exposure to areas that grass was not able to grow due to over shading conditions. Brickman also eliminated trees that were overcrowding which was causing damage to the trees. Extensive turf repair was completed throughout the community where trees were removed, in new bed areas and under trees where grass has not grown in the past.  Please water around your area that has the new turf. The 5 year plan will be reviewed at the next Board Meeting.

Any questions, comments, or problems, please contact Associa Chicagoland, 847.490.3833 or http://www.associachicagoland.com