Proposal to build Dunkin Donuts store at BP Station

The BP station on the corner of Warrenville and Winfield Road want to add a Dunkin Donuts store and drive thru on their property.  Listed below are links to the official documents.

The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 7:20 pm. 

The legal notice for a notice of public hearing:

All the plans:


Once you have reviewed all the plans, Cantera Village should be very concerned about this addition and be against it.  This will lower our property values along with adding many other negative points listed below that we will have to put up with as a community.  We need the planning committee and City Council to hear our voice and concerns on this.  Please, please join us for the meeting.  The more voices they hear against this, the better chance we have of stopping it!


Noise pollution – As it is, this property does not follow the noise rules on Saturday mornings, as they routinely cut their grass before 7am, which is the ordinance.  This has been reported at least twice to code enforcement, and they quickly slip back to their old ways.  The addition of the drive thru will add noise from the speakers and idling cars.

Land pollution – As Cantera Village, we have reached out to this business to pick up their garbage.  Our addition of a new fence has stopped some of this garbage, but that was our doing, not theirs.  The addition of DD and the drive thru will add more garbage.

Air pollution – Idling cars = car exhaust fumes.  Constant smells of this restaurant.

Excess of signs – The architects are applying for a variance of the number of signs that they would like to place around the property.  These will be extremely unattractive and confusing.  The way that the proposed drive thru is positioned, cars will enter the drive thru south and exit east.  This will have cars driving straight towards the fence of Cantera Village, shining headlights directly into our homes.

Congestion – As stated above, the drive thru has cars driving south and exiting east.  The car wash will remain the same, having cars driving west and exiting north.  Cars will be going the opposite ways of one another, in an area that will only be 17 feet wide (the code calls for 18 feet, another variance they are asking for).  Also, the drive thru should have a stacking space of 10 cars.  This area can only accommodate 9 cars.  Yet another variance.  There is simply not enough room for this drive thru on this property.  This drive thru will also increase traffic congestion as a whole on this property and on the roadways.  When headed west on Warrenville road, to turn left into this establishment, you can barely see to make a safe turn.  This will add to this risk and cause a rise in car accidents here.


For all of these reasons, this drive thru cannot happen!  Please attend this meeting and contact our Aldermen for Ward 3 to voice your concerns against this project!


Michael Hoffman

Kathryn Davolos




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