March 2017 Update!

  • The District 200 Board of Education has authorized a question for the April 4,2017 ballot. They are seeking voter approval to issue $132.5 million in bonds to help finance needed repairs, renovations, and upgrades to 19 of 20 schools. Please go to the district website for more information on this referendum.
  • Failure to pick up and dispose of dog waste is a violation and fines will be incurred. It’s been brought to our attention that non-residents are walking their dogs in the subdivision and not picking up waste after them. If you see this occur, please contact the board with a description of the dog and owner.
  • If it rains snows, or storms on a Wednesday night, please try to put your recycling and garbage out the next morning. This will allow snow plows to do their job and prevent trash from blowing around! Recycling is picked up around 7am, trash not until 1pm. Thank you!
  • For homeowners that have problems with the small windows in their front door, new ones can be ordered from Home Depot for about $30/window. They take about 15 min to remove and install. The SKU at Home depot is "0000-740- 787 and the reference part number is CL1LP86 – 8×6.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Any questions, comments, or problems, please contact

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