May 2017 Update!

  • Landscape: With the promise of spring in the air, we would like to remind everyone that private plantings are generally discouraged; if planning is done, plantings may only be installed in original non–sodded areas adjacent to the building and not around trees and bushes located away from the building. Unit owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of any annual planting they install. Potted plants should be located so as not to interfere with landscape area maintenance. The landscape contractor shall not be held liable for any damage to bulbs, seeds, planting, or other items installed by the homeowner. Further landscaping and Planting Regulations can be found in Section 2.16 of the Cantera Village Condominium Association Rules and Regulations. We will be starting the arborvitae removal and replacement project shortly. Further details will be on the kiosks. Tree trimming has begun for the first third of the property.
  • Now that we are outside more, please continue to pick up dog waste!
  • Garbage: We’ve noticed that garbage and recycling cans are being left our earlier and earlier on the day before collection. Please refer to the Association Rules and Regulations: Garbage and recycling materials must be kept indoors at all times except on the days when collection takes place. Items may be left curbside no earlier than after dusk of the evening preceding the day of collection.
  • Paint name and number for outside white trim: Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex Satin Extra white. In case you noticed some chipping and wanted to touch them up.
  • Property Committee: The survey for the 2017 rotten wood project is complete and we will be starting rotten wood replacement in May.

Any questions, comments, or problems, please contact

Associa Chicagoland, 847.490.3833 or