June 2017 Update!

  • Garbage and Recycle: As detailed last month, we request that all homeowners adhere to the Association Rules and Regulations by not putting their garbage and recycle out before dusk on the evening preceding the day of collection.  We again appeal for garbage and recycle not to be left outside before 7am on the day of collection if the weather is windy and/or stormy. On Thursday May 18th garbage was blown across many areas of the subdivision due to stormy overnight weather. If there are trash and recyclables blowing around, please pick them up!
  • Landscaping Update: Budgeted Arborvitae replacement has been delayed due to wet weather and will start this month. Our front entryways will be dramatically improved!
  • Property Committee Update: The already budgeted rotten wood project has also been delayed because of all the rain and will be kicking off in June. Another focus for June? Completing old work orders!
  • Board Update: The complex reserve budget and project scope are being reviewed this month to ensure that we are tracking all appropriate project and our funding for those projects are in place.

Any questions, comments, or problems, please contact

Associa Chicagoland, 847.490.3833 or