Garbage and Recycle Collection


  • Our garbage and recycle contractors are Groot.
  • Groot collect garbage and recycling on Thursday, except during weeks where there is a holiday when collection occurs a day later.
  • Garbage and recycle materials must be put in provided bins. Groot are within their rights not to collect any garbage – even small amounts – that is not put in these bins.
  • Note that items too large for the bins (including appliances, mattresses, carpets, furniture, plumbing fixtures like sinks and toilets etc) can be scheduled for pickup for an extra fee. You must call Groot at (630) 587-5673 to make payment arrangements in advance of collection.
  • Items should be left at curbside no earlier than dusk the night before pickup, and bins removed and stored inside (not in your driveway) by the end of collection day. Any violation of this process leaves the homeowner subject to the following fine schedule (note that each day trash is left out is considered an “occurrence”):



A reminder regarding pet regulations

We’d like to remind homeowners about some of the rules governing household pets.  Anyone in violation of these (or any provisions of the Declarations and By-Laws) can be issued with a written warning or a fine in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Rules & Regulations.


We’d also like to draw your attention to the following city ordinance

A. Dogs At Large: It shall be unlawful for any dog to run at large. For the purposes of this section, any dog which is not on a leash and under the control of a person physically able to control it, shall be deemed to be running at large. All dogs found to be running at large shall be promptly impounded by the chief of police or any person authorized by him for this purpose.

Any person owning, having custody, possession or control over any dog which violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of an unlawful act.

Notwithstanding any provision contained in this chapter to the contrary, K-9 and guide dogs shall be exempt from the provisions of this section. (Ord. 1856, 7-5-2000)

An incident was reported this past weekend where an off-leash dog came in to the space of another homeowner’s (upset) leashed dog. This sort of incident could get out of hand and have unfortunate consequences.

The Board are not trying to make any homeowner’s life harder by enforcing these rules. They are necessary for the safety of all homeowners and their family pets. We thank you for your co-operation!

Riverview West – useful contacts

An informal meeting took place at Warrenville City Hall on Tuesday November 28th to discuss the proposed Riverview West development.

If you wish to engage with city officials on the proposal, or any other matters, here are their contact details:

Mayor David Brummel:

Ward 3 Alderman Michael Hoffmann:

Ward 3 Alderman Kathryn Davolos:


Riverview West – meeting announcements


Tuesday, November 28, 2017
6:30 p.m.

Warrenville City Hall
Council Chambers
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, Illinois 60555

Informal discussion regarding a revised proposal for Riverview West, a mixed use development on an approximately 28-acre vacant property in Cantera Subarea C, consisting of townhomes, an apartment building with an internal parking garage, and retail space.


Thursday, December 7, 2017
7:00 p.m.

Warrenville Municipal Building
28W701 Stafford Place
Warrenville, Illinois 60555