Weather Update, Mar 13 2017

Sorry, my fault. But slightly belatedly, here is an update from our snow removal contractor, BrightView:

We are expecting a winter storm starting late tonight (Sunday) and lasting all day tomorrow (Monday) leaving 3”-6”.

There is also the potential for refreeze into Tuesday Morning.

We are currently monitoring the storm and are expecting it to start 12am tonight and lasting until Tuesday morning.



Weather Update, Jan 25 2017

Here is an update from our snow removal contractor, BrightView.


There is a minor snow event expected this evening into tomorrow morning. At this time, 0.5 to 1.5 inches of snow are expected, perhaps on grassy surfaces. With marginal temperatures lately, snow should struggle to accumulate on the pavement, making it realistic it will not reach 1 inch. Temperatures will be at or around freezing tomorrow morning.


Weather Update, Dec 15 2016

Here is an update from our snow removal contractor, BrightView.

It appears we will have another event starting Friday (16th) afternoon.

Instead of Saturday and Sunday, snow is supposed to break out sometime tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and last into late Saturday evening. There could be a break much like last weekend. In this storm, it is possible that mixed precipitation (sleet, freezing rain, etc.) could also make an appearance at some point.


Weather Update, Jan 8 2016

Here is an update from our snow removal contractor, Brickman.

We are looking at another winter event to enter our area tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 9th January).  The entirety of the event is expected to deliver 1”-3” and will be a slow moving system lasting 12-18 hours with the intense part of the storm to happen sometime between 6PM and midnight.  Because the event is not supposed to deliver significant amounts of snow and will be long lasting, we are expecting to dispatch our teams when 2” of snow accumulates start time and should have everything completed sometime Sunday morning.  Please note the weather may change during the event and we will adjust our production accordingly.